BMW X6 Lease Questions, Only 2nd time leasing....newbie?


Hi, Kansas City area, I am wanting to lease either the new X6, or X7, I have only leased once before, a 2017 Jaguar F-Type through Chase which was Jaguars lender for leases, the deal was bad. Learning from the past mistakes when asking for the deal do I immediately tell the salesman X percent off MSRP, ex. both the X6 & X7 are around 80k, so I would ask for 10%+ off? Or do I just say I am looking for the best deal? In terms of credit I got my Auto Ficos from all 3 CRAs-EXP, TU, EQX, and 2/3/4/7/8 range from 777-818, what MF would be considered aggressive? I have excellent credit, 8 year same employer, and 500k in CC limits, paid mortgage, and 4 paid auto loans and one lease (Jaguar). Is BMW Financial difficult in that regard? Sorry for the litany of questions, I just want to ensure this time I don’t make the mistakes I did in 2017. Any help would be great! Also there is a limited selection in this area, maybe St. Louis does that matter, the dealer nearest me has both of the models I am looking into and I think they might be willing to be somewhat willing to reduce MSRP, TrueCar for example has a 9% MSRP off on the X6 and 7.8% on X7. Obviously I would want more, they don’t have any demos or loaners…thanks!

Sounds like you’d probably not have much trouble qualifying.

We always recommend the following method before you ever contact a dealership. If you do all of the work up front, you’ll have a stress free dealer experience and set yourself for success.

  1. Read Leasing 101 (Blog | LEASEHACKR) to understand how to calculate a lease payment and the variables. Monthly payment is an output, not an input!!
  2. Pick a specific vehicle that you want to target
  3. Gather the current MF, RV and incentives from Edmunds forums for your zip code
  4. Research the LH marketplace and other deals that have been made recently on your vehicle - what was their pre-incentive discount? How did their lease terms differ?
  5. Plug your numbers into the LH calculator (CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR), and use a pre-incentive discount similar to what you have seen
  6. Create a target deal, this is what you’re trying to negotiate to. You can try different terms, selling price discount, etc. and see how your monthly payment is affected. It is also possible that different trims of your vehicle may have different MF and RV (i.e. this is very common with GM), so make sure that you look into that. Come up with a set of inputs that give you the output that you want - your desired monthly payment.

With a target price determined, you now have a deal to pursue and compare dealer offers against. More importantly, you have a solid foundation to work from.

Just reach out to one of the BMW brokers on this forum. You’ll see right up front the kind of discount they’re offering and the terms. 99% of the time local dealerships can’t even match what is available on this website.


Talk to a lease broker in the Midwest who handles BMW. Chances are they will save you thousands of dollars, thereby making their fee more than worthwhile.

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Thank you! I have read the leasing 101 but not the MF RV at Edmunds, thanks for the help.

Trouble leasing a BMW? It’s not a Rolls Royce. Yes. All day long.

Saying this for your own good. If you know this little about leasing you are probably going to get destroyed in the finance office.

Don’t be like the guy who was so embarrassed about what happened in there that he couldn’t even own it (“my wife signed everything while I was in the restroom!”).

There are two choices for everyone starting off, including all the regulars here who started off in the same position at some point:

A. Educate yourself with all the helpful content here starting with all the articles in the Leasing 101 section (Blog | LEASEHACKR), and then have an educated discussion about how to make a decent deal better, if possible.

B. Refuse to spend 30-60 minutes on Choice A above and thus remain uneducated about leasing and get taken advantage of every 2-3 years for the rest of one’s life.


Don’t just tell us the ftype lease was bad. Tell us how bad. Or post a link to worst leases topic.

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Also 500k in credit card limits? Is that the Black visa card?

Oh and you won’t get 10% on an X6 now.

Why not? Brokers on here are doing 10% off…