BMW X6 '19 Demo (paperwork being finalized)


2019 BMW X6 DEMO w 1.2k miles

**MSRP: $75,810
**Selling Price: $65,150
**Monthly Payment: $628 (NYS tax included)
**Cash Due at Signing: $2,000 (1st month, Doc Fee, Taxes on Rebates, DMV)

**Annual Mileage:10,000
**MF: 1.53
**Residual:58.5 (lower due to miles)

**Leasehackr Score:10.7


Use MSD to lower MF

He did. @OP, seems like a pretty small discount for a demo, I’d push for at least 15% off

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It’s an OK discount for a demo but nothing to write home about. I’d try to push for another 1-2% off plus do MSD.

Edit: @jananth1 beat me to it.

MSD’s were used.

I thought anything about 10 on the score was considered good.

General guidance for demos is 15-19% is good and 20+% is great. You’re at about 14%. Given the low miles I think a discount on the lower end of 15-20 is acceptable.

Even demo’s with 1.2k miles?

Obviously it’s your choice. 1200 miles is still a residual hit.

Good deal on an x6. There is probably a fee dollars in disount through negotiations

Every dealer I dealt with (probably 2 dozen at this point over email) with NY Tri-State wouldn’t budge a bit on new cars to get me within 12%. This is the only one that was within reason (and my allowed budget).

Considering I already spent tons of time looking for this, I feel that even though I can save another maybe 1k or 2k, time is against me (or I am terrible at this)…

Best deal on X6 here I have seen had a lower MSRP…

That’s why I kind of feel decent about this :slight_smile: and I am not being totally screwed.

I’m surprised the dealers were holding out so much, they don’t put that kind of lease cash on something that’s selling well. But then again they are BMW dealers and they think their cars are special.

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