BMW X5 sDrive $628 $0 DAS can this be true?

So I saw an ad from a local So Cal dealer.
$628 / month lease 36/10 $0 DAS

Can this be true ???
Is it a good LH deal on a $60K base X5 sDrive ?

How can we even evaluate when you don’t even list the MSRP or terms? Also, $0 down does not mean $0 due at signing.

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This is all I got from the ad.
They have 3 X5 that qualify for this rate - they appear to be base (stripped) X5.


They were doing similar deals in Houston on the same base models at the end of last month based on the advert they had.

Why not call and ask?

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Yup, waiting to hear back from my CA.

which dealer is this at?

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It will be in the 700s.

My dealer confirmed he has 3 X5 sDrive in stock - they are bare bones - base X5 - new - not loaners.

With monthly tax, the rate goes to $687 per month.

Is this a sign that the remaining X5 (40e PHEV, diesel and X Drive) are going to get discounted ?