BMW X5 loaner lease, is this a good deal?


Hi Guys, I have been following up leasehackr and its a great platform for lease knowledge. Thank you.
Planning to lease a 2019 X5 loaner in California , below are the details.

MSRP- $65600
SELLING- $56000
Millage on car- 3600
4k down, 10k millage per year
Monthly- $650 including taxes.

Am not comfortable with MSD, as am not clear on repercussions incase something happens to the car.

Is this a fair deal? And are there any other ways/incentives I can use to get the monthly down?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You are not comfortable with MSDs, yet want to put $4k down?


Here’s the repurcussions - the money comes back to you. Simple, right?

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Initially agreed to 3k, bt then it was $700 pm incl tax and by putting 1k more, they are fine with $650

Even there are damages to car and fixed by my insurance, or if total or stolen? Will I still get the whole amount back?

Pretty sure the only way you lose MSD is if you bail on car payments. If you return the car with damage, you have to pay either way so doesn’t matter whether you pay out of pocket or they use part of MSD towards it.

You don’t lose MSD for repaired damage/total loss/stolen.

Confirm the MF, I suspect it’s bumped. And see if the 14% off includes incentives or pure discount.

And don’t pay $4k at signing to lower payment. You WILL lose that money if it’s totaled or stolen. Put that $4k towards MSD. You should be at $4900 in MSD and it will lower payment $30-40 (rough estimate).

Not sure about CA but I’ve seen people get 12% on brand new X5s in the northeast. 14% for a loaner is just OK in my book, but I’d shoot for 20% and maybe settle at ~18%.

Thank you. I dont have the MF details for now, I have an appointment in 1 hr. How much MF is good for this deal and for Xdrive 40i X5?

I think for now the deal is $650 if 4K down. If I ask this for MSD, now sure if the monthly payment will remain the same, it will go up for sure.

Good target but I’d temper expectations and take the deal at 16% if offered.

I’d take that on an exec demo - a loaner is worse in my book so would need a larger discount. Unless the spec is absolutely perfect, I’d play very aggressive. Just my $.02

Should be base MF, .00145. If you apply 7 MSDs (you should - it’s a good ROI) it’ll go down to .0011

You don’t want to go in so aggressive to where they’d dismiss your inquiry altogether. Ask how I know, lol.

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I’ve pissed off my fair share of CAs and SM/GSMs :slight_smile: But it’s ok, for every one of those, someone else played ball. They need to sell the car more than each one of us needs to buy theirs.

There was even one in my most recent ordeal where he and I exchanged sales strategy emails, almost like a chess match. I ultimately convinced him his offers were not marketable (or rather, not aggressive enough). We still didn’t transact but at least he stopped telling me the prices I was asking about were fantasy.