BMW X5 drive40e lease

trying to see if I’m getting a good deal out of this. Thanks guys for your help in advance.
I’m located in Southern California

MSRP $65195
Purchase Price $58345
56% residual
36-month lease
MF 0.00134

Payment is at around $775 i believe without putting any down.

Please do NOT sign this deal … what year 2016 or 2017?

whoa lol thats high, didn’t the 40e go for 600 after tax ? with msd only?

this is a 2017 model

so this is a really bad deal?

where can I find that deal? $600 after tax with no down?

@charlene one of the first things folks here check out is if the monthly (including tax) is < 1% of MSRP for a $0 down 36/10k lease. In your case, this would be $652/mo including tax.

Once you get close to that, then you can start going through the numbers to see how you can get it down. Usually, this is getting a bigger discount and making sure the MF is not marked up and putting down MSDs to drive it even down. For an X5, the MSDs should save you approx $50-80/mo.

@charlene you can also just type BMW X5 on the search and see what others are getting. For example, this one is $73k MSRP, $0 down = $588 before tax ($640 with tax) … so that’s already $135 less per month from what you posted

@chrisgo for that one I see that drive off is $7200. but my drive off is only $1500.
I don’t understand why it has drive-off listed as $7200 while down payment is $0? Would please explain? Thanks!

@chrisgo , nevermine, i did the math again. so 7 months of MSD.
As far as the discount I got off the MSRP, does that look OK in your opinion?

Charlene, BMW’s money factor for March I believe is .00140 4.0e has a $3000 credit. You may want to go to Edmunds and build out your X5 to see what invoice is, then shoot for $500 below invoice and then subtract the $3000 credit. Then just plug in the MF and residual, and miles in the Lease Hacker calculator to see your payment.

@socal59 I went on to Edmunds, and it looks like I’m pretty much only $100 above the targeted price (Invoice - $500-$3000). So I guess what’s left for me is to try to get the dealer to lower the MF at this point?

@socal59 & @chrisgo, went on edmunds, looked at pricing, and used the calculator, $825 monthly payment without MSD. Am I missing something?

Charlene, I get $761.00 w/out tax and $829 with tax. So you have a pretty good deal if your payment includes tax. BMW has pulled the plug on there heavily subsidized leases, so if you see really good deals on here, Edmunds or Bimmerfest they are probably from Jan or Dec. If you want to great deal, contact Greg Poland at Pacific BMW in Glendale. Tell him you found him on Bimmerfest.

I just picked up a $71k 2017 X5 40e w/ 7 msd’s for $759/m (with dreaded liberal Chicago lease tax included).

I started calling dealerships and asking for their base quote with zero incentive in the price. You have to play their game, (it’s fun!) go in with the notion that you’re going to leave…they do not want you to leave! Then wait a couple of days and you’ll see them emailing you with statements like, “what do I have to do to sell you this car”? Lastly, call out of state dealers, they know you’re not their market. The sales guy said he doesn’t want to waste his time to provide me his written offer so I can take it to a closer dealer to use it as leverage. All his offers were verbal until it came down to sign off, so I rewarded him and leased my vehicle 3 hours away in another state.

Also, the 40e has a Gov’t tax credit of almost $4700 which is equivalent to $130/m over a 36 month period. I’m not sure why more dealers aren’t positioning this loop hole to sell the vehicle.

@socal59. You’re right. It looks like I could’ve gotten $2000 more in manufacturer incentive if I bought this in January. My payment does include all applicable taxes. I will try to explore on paying MSDs to see how far it can gk

@AZWayne thanks for the information. They are quoting me without the MSDs right now. I will ask them about MSDs and see how much lower I can get the payment to.

You will surely get $50 off your payment with MSD. Good luck :slight_smile:

Wait till end of summer for better leases. I leased my 2016 ($73K MSRP) for $599 per month including 9% tax (36/10) in August. Very little down and using 7 MSD’s.

Wasn’t the right car for me however and just finalizing a lease transfer thru BMWFS this week.