BMW X5 Demo Guidance Please


I realize that S. Florida is a tough market to negotiate leases as most dealers seem willing to let people walk & wait for a sucker to come in the door… I’m trying to keep myself from being that sucker.

I found a 2019 X5 4.01 demo with an MSRP of $74k that has been discounted to $70k. The demo has nearly 4,000 miles on it. My question to the masses is what should I target (%) for a demo discount? Does anyone have experience with this vehicle and negotiating a decent demo discount? Or does the Florida component throw a monkey wrench into things?

Also and I’m not sure this applies to negotiating MSRP but I’m eligible for the fleet discount and I have the $1,000 credit from their recent test drive event.

Thank you in advance for any insight / guidance

Make sure the discount offsets the drop in residual. In NE, I have a dealer that will do 14% pre-incentives. Loaner w 4k miles.

5% discount is terrible on a loaner. South FL is tough but you want to be around 15%. The mileage penalty is close to $1000 and it’s a used car. It would also be ineligible for the $1K BMW CCA post sale rebate.

New ones are regularly available here for 11-12% but may require travel/shipping.

@mani_is_kool is local and can probably help you out.

I am still surprised posts like this come up for BMWs on this forum :slight_smile:

There is so much terrific content for BMW deals in the “Shared Deals” section as well as posted broker ads in the Marketplace.

I would advise to look at the posted broker deal spreadsheets and do your best to match or beat those.

The calculator links are posted to show discount, MF, etc…


Why wouldn’t you just go new? That discount isn’t far off what you can find on a brand new bmw. Yikes

Ironmike, was figuring a could hack this deal as this is a ridiculous reduction. So far I’ve been in touch with 3 dealerships this week and it seems once you start wanting to negotiate they shut down and stop returning calls/texts/emails. I’m going to start looking outside of S. Florida, too many people who would rather pay full price than put in the effort to get a fair deal.

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@Bostoncarconcierge, I checked the deals page but didn’t find anything specific to this scenario and it seems that there’s more feedback on demo discount experience in this particular forum. There was some good information however I posted here hoping to reach a broader audience.

Florida can be a very tricky area to find a solid deal. Some dealers will play and others don’t have time for it. Focusing out of state can be a smart plan

Thanks @Bacons_C.C, how would I handle the lease turn-in with an out-of-state deal? I was thinking of heading up to Atlanta and driving the vehicle back.

You can complete a lease return at any dealership. Does not need to go back to original.

OK, so I can drive it up to whichever dealership I end up working with and have them work that into the deal? Thanks, didn’t realize that

That’s right.

You can do a lease return at any dealer.

A lease turn in, unlike a trade, should have no impact on the deal.

If it’s a really good car they may be more likely to want it, but there’s no negotiation to be done regarding the lease drop.

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Plenty of us lease out-of-state. A good example is us in the tri-state area. I’m not going back to NJ to return my car unless I’m buying another car from them at that time!

I’m new to this blog was in a south Florida BMW dealer was offer a 2019 BMW X5 40 with some good equipment. Was offered an 11% discount with a money factor of .0128 car has 980 miles.

$5000 das
10k miles
36 months

I think it’s a good deal but would some give me some pointers?

With that many miles, I assume it’s a demo. That discount isnt bad on a new one, but not so much on a demo.

$5k das is also a ton unless it’s including MSDs.

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Thank a lot for your response i have to agree that’s why I waited. Appreciate your feedback