BMW X5 Could use some help putting this into calculator

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Could use some help getting the correct monthly payment number to see if I did it correctly. I’m getting a different number than my dealer. (My number is lower)

This is an X5 deal.

New York Deal sales tax is 8.625%. Lease is taxes monthly

I asked for all taxes and fees to be rolled into the lease.

36 months
12k miles

I was Told residual is 54% can someone verify

I was Told MF is .00086 can someone verify

I have a $ 500.00 lease credit

$ 72,145.00 is MSRP (including $ 995 destination and handling charge)

$ 64,930.00 is selling price

If there is any info I left out please let me know.

I appreciate the help !

Thanks in advance.

Ny is not taxed monthly, it’s upfront (although can be amortized).

Edmunds is the place to go to verify rv/mf/incentives.

If you post your calculator, we can help try to find any issues.

@Jsf721 Post the dealer’s worksheet and your calculation for us to compare.

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How would I post it ?

How do I post that if I have a pdf and a screen shot ?

Have you read through the calculator FAQ? It’d probably help with giving a better understanding of how to use the calculator and it covers how to share your numbers.

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I will definitely do that - perhaps the problem is that I’m on my phone. When I get to a desktop I will try again.


Dealer Deal Sheet attached above

The above numbers into the lease hacker calculator. Payments don’t match. Did I make a mistake or did the dealer?

You’ve left out all the fees from your calculator. That’s going to be a good $1500 that’s not captured here.

You’re missing the Acquisition fees, Govt fees, Dealer fees, and need to select the second button for taxes (NY). Throwing some rough numbers in, I get to within a few dollars of your deal sheet.

You may want the dealer to provide a breakdown of the fees and DAS due.

Talk about missing the forest through the trees. Your offer is for $900+ on a far from loaded X5 and your only question was how to reconcile the calculator?

This was mentioned already and remains wrong in the calculator

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Look at a XT6 maybe? I’ve seen decent deals on those recently.

Yeah, lack of incentives is really hurting this. This is approaching X7 territory…

The 995.00 destination and shipping was part of the MSRP-See deal sheet above.

Wife Wants an X5, not a volvo.


So how would you go about making this better?

You’re still missing all the fees. Acquisition, dealer fees, gov fees. That has nothing to do with the destination.

Cadillac XT6. I think you’re confusing the XC60.