BMW X5 Buyout yes or no?


Lease ends on 2020 X5 next month. I guess I have no choice but to buy but would appreciate suggestions.

Try balloon loan to buy out this. There’s a post in wiki

The low RV in your lease compare to the high RV in the market will give you very good deal.

This is a must buy right?

Yeah you can’t come close to $47k for an $82k msrp 2020 X5 right now. Only other play is to trade it on something else and pull your equity out. But if you want to continue to drive an $82k X5, this is the best option.

What I don’t understand is that I am getting offers from Carvana etc for pretty much the 47k residual.

You’d have to factor in warranty or repair costs to compare apples to apples against a new car the OP could get. Probably low $50s before TTL.

BMW does a lot of things well but mass produced V8s are not one of them. From the Nikasil debacle to the N63 it’s 20+ years of failures. We’ll have to see if the TUs fare better.

So you’re getting it for trade in value. At retail you would be 15% higher.

Car is currently registered in Florida. I am probably going to do a lease buy out. Which state would be preferable?

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