BMW X5 5.0 demo $330 🦄 $87 K MSRP

And yet, you have nothing to prove your deal ^*^.
I’m not jealous or anything. Very happy for you if this is true, but don’t want BS in this site like you. LOL I can get some fancy pic of MB C63 and go 499 payment! PSA alert! haha you sound like immature little kid who needs a bit of attention. just like how you replied in a few minutes.
Lastly, I already own few cars and not looking to lease; do not want deals handed to me.

you may wish to look a bit more closely before you download random pictures, your X5 is not registered in NJ lol.

Good catch - registration expires 9/19, so must be registered 9/18 :grin:

You are grasping at straws. PA affords a 60-day temp tag. The car will be registered in NJ in the ordinary course it takes for a dealer to secure the proper paperwork. Perhaps you may not have considered the possibility of getting a car from outside of your home state. Let this be a learning opportunity of sorts for you.

Et Tu, Brute?

Yeah, I know - a demo, registered by dealer?

Yup, just like any other demo deal from across state lines.

what’s worse a guy “lying” about his deals to get internet attention or a guy trying to call out somebody for lying on the internet :thinking:

I see… your temp tag doesn’t look like temp tag.but cool information. PA gives you the car with the 60day temp tag which seems very long before they secure the proper paperwork! Awesome state. When I got my car in New York, they gave me a temp tag but registration in New Jersey. I guess it’s different by states. But yet, I guess I’m going to believe you now for the hard work that you do to make this seem real and you deserve it man.

Congrats! enjoy your life and three downloaded pictures!

haha you got a point, but this can hurt some new coming guests on this forum and don’t like to see when people mislead others.

You sound like a dealer. :joy:

haha I hate dealing with dealers so i just buy my cars and maybe lease once in few years.
And I guess this is what you do. do you have a label for what you do? just curious.

It’s called leasehacking, no?

Cool, buy three cars but don’t have your own garate to put them so borrows one of the dealer’s garage to take pic of your own car and post right.
And I bet you can’t post three of your hacked cars in your own garage?
Like, I would post something that just proves this story if I had someone like me telling me I’m just piece of crap and lies. Like forget about the contract, you have nothing besides your trustworthy hackr. There are many trustworthy hackrs in this forum; and that label doesn’t mean much. We have lying president and just fake people surrounded by us; you gotta do more than that to prove your comic.

This exchange is going nowhere. Closed temporarily

Those stickers on the windshield are inspection and emissions stickers. They are no longer (as of a few years ago) tied to reg in any way. They used to have to match the plate sticker for reg. In other words, if the window inspection sticker were a 9, your reg sticker would be a 9 as well, thus meaning your reg was also due in sept. Now, doesn’t matter what the window sticker says. Each needs done yearly though (inspection/emissions + reg)…they just may or may not match.

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I know, same in VA.

And you need every bit of that time for transferring a car across state lines for the title work. OH gives 2-3 months as well. VA only does 1, which caused me grief when it ran out and needed a 2nd temp plate to tide me over.

Pa to Pa needs a couple weeks of temp. Pa to outside or vice versa…you’ll be happy you have 2 months and will be biting your fingernails toward the end.

Ask me how I know.

I have reopened the topic seeing as some members still have input. Seemed only fair.

Let’s keep it on topic and civil though.