BMW X5 40e lease transfer


I have a 2018 X5 40e. It has 6700 miles on it. MSRP 68k. White. Wife does not drive it much- due back mid November 2021. Total of 36k miles, so roughly 29k miles over 27 months. Perfect condition.

What effective monthly payment would I be able to incentive to in order to get out off this?

Located in Ohio.


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What’s your payment now?

More than most people are willing to pay. But I would incentive it with cash to get to a good number for a potential buyer.

Probably mid 5’s after tax around here.

Try SAL yet?

Unfortunately the 40e’s are not very desirable, no less the older body style so definitely need to be under $600/month here…Even on SAL I’ve seen these sit for awhile at low $600s.

Nice option for those with longer daily commutes but people definitely prefer the standard turbo engine.

Good luck with the swap!

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I’d take it over in the low 5’s but my state would tear me a new one on tax due. :expressionless:

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Thanks for the info. The 40e is definitely not for everyone, but for non highway shorter driving(less than 15 miles or so) it rarely uses any gasoline.

Well, it was brand new, I traded in a glc43amg that the dealer gave me good money for. 0 DAS and I’m paying 715/month including the 8% taxes. I understand that I would have to throw some money at someone to take the car… How much?

There were no MSDs(were not allowed in Ohio at the time). I will see if I can find the window sticker.

So to bring to 500 is about 6k in incentive. You sure you want to part with that much cash? Also, I think there is another one for a swap here not sure if that got transferred. SAL has a wider audience in my opinion than us vultures here looking to take food from the kids table of salesmen/women. :slight_smile: Good luck with transfer.


I would say 600 is a better number w/ nothing out of pocket for over 1K miles/month on essentially a 2 year lease.

So hypothetically speaking. Say the OP agrees to an incentive to bring payment to 600. How exactly does this transpire? In other words, does OP and the new potential recipient of the lease wait until the lease is officially transferred through BMWFS and then the OP cuts a check to new owner? Is this how people do it?

That or the OP pays the lease out to x date which effectively makes for $600/mo.

This makes much more sense from a financially binding aspect. So OP would hypothetically prepay the lease down to an effective 600 payment once BMWFS approves the potential new owner for the transfer and before the new owner signs on the dottet line?

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That is not a bad idea. They also have escrow services i think out there for such things.

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@Johnnycakes PM sent, I’m interested.