BMW X5 40e, is it leasehackr worthy?

hey everyone. i know BMWs are just not leasing too well these days. What do you think of this deal?

I think that is a pretty bad deal.

You essentially negotiated $0 discount off the MSRP of the car and are only getting $5000 off from BMW lease rebate, which they give to everyone.

If you look at Truecar, average rebate is around 10-12% off MSRP

Plus the 5000 lease rebate is where you should start. Then you can look to see if their are other incentives or rebates and see if you can get a better percent off MSRP.

I’m not an expert. But your deal is horrible

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I have 80k msrp and have payment of $605 (dealer demo). Should be able to do better on price. No MSDs will hurt on the rate side though.

got it! glad i didnt sign. Thanks to you both!

I initially thought the same as you, but realized that the cap cost of $61,500 isn’t the MSRP.

I reverse-calculated the MSRP and found it to be $67095. That means @joaozinho is getting ~8% off MSRP. As you have stated, he should be shooting for closer to 10-12%.

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whoa you work quick. yes 67,095

I realized it. But think about it. 67095-61500 = 5595.

The rebate is 5000.

So he got 595 dollars off MSRP + 5000 rebate.

That is horrible

Net cap cost is $56500, so the $61500 price was before the $5k rebate.

Oh. Missed that. Good catch.

Still seems like one could do better.