BMW X5 40e- How did I do?


I tried to hit $600 but lowest he could go and those cars are becoming rare. I tried and am tired of chasing dealers. I was offered $604 on a X5 drive35 but for $17 more I opted for the 40e with parking assistance package and I’ll save on gas.

One dealer ioffered $620,$7000 out the door including capcost, taxes and fees on a 71K car but I told him I don’t need the extra specs for $3000 more and I can’t go MSDs in NY. I. Can’t justify $3000 more.

Dealers claim to match the price but suddenly they knock on extra $2000 in fees . Lol I told them I’ll never beg anyone to sell me a car.

**Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW drive40e

**MSRP: $69K
Selling Price: $
**Monthly Payment: $620
**Down Payment: $0
**MSD: 7
**Incentives: $4750

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 15K
**MF: 0.0166 (and MSD special rate)
**Residual: $40K (not sure

**Region: NJ
**Leasehackr Score:?

Every dealer suddenly wants to see my contract to match it but I need them to beat it , by Atleast $20 monthly.

Pretty good, I’m in Boston wish I could get that deal here

One dealer was persistent and he wanted to beat the deal. I showed him the deal excluding MSDs and they matched it.
I am now at 585 $0 cap cost 15K Driver Assistance Package, PRemium Package, luxury line and luxury interior package.

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Wow nicely done. Maybe worth flying to NJ, drive it back to Boston if can get the same deal

That looks like a great deal!

The tip is to call and anonymously ask about incentives you know you qualify for. Let them work the deal out, then mention you need 15K etc. ($50). Then I unleash my incentives so I see my savings.

I was offered a NY Deal on a 40e Loaner with 2800 miles $620, $4000 drive off with taxes and fees at $0 capcost. No MSDs in NY. I would take the deal but the $586 is way better.

Once the deal is done, I mention the MSDs.

Here is another $1k in incentives with OL code

is 620 tax included? would your drive off be 4750+ tax/fees ( ~$1200 ) = 6k ?

Thanks for the code. Wish i had a month ago, but looking to buy another. Do you negotiate then tell them you have this code? or tell them upfront?

If they told you this was a “special rate,” they lied to you. Anyone with good credit can walk off the street and get this same rate. This is this months buy rate.

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Hey. I’m sorry, 0.001625 then it was reduced with the MSDs. I don’t fully understand the reduction but all dealers were offering that rate. I used the incorrect term “special rate” I meant reduced rate.

I think I’m happy with the deal. I shopped around a ton and the 40e and running dry. I never let the dealer know that I’m aware the card are limited and that I really wanted it. I showed no signs of desperation. I shopped in a 400 miles radius.

I never tell them upfront. I ask for the best price and if the numbers and sense I’ll unleash my incentives and rebates. If the numbers are thrash, I never bother but just move on.

If there is an advertised price, I anonymously call and ask if it includes any rebates I may not qualify for . This way, we get the transparent prod before negotiating.

He was matching my previous deal with a 3200 mike loaner which I would totally take. $620 monthly and all th taxes and fees of $4200 upfront. No MSDs in New York