BMW X5 40e 2016 rebates

Can someone please advise what rebates BMW is offering currently on the X5 hybrid 40e? Is there a tax rebate on these?? I’m in S. CA
Also, what is the MF & Residuals for 15k/36months?

I’m new at this and would appreciate your expert advises on leasing one.
Thank you in advance!

Well first you need to locate one of these. I think they are almost all gone, so is there one you found?

BMW lists the available incentives on their website:

It’s showing $5500 for the 2016 and $4000 for the 2017.

You can also get the residual from that page by clicking “important info” to see the fine print of the offer. Divide the purchase option price (near the middle of the fine print) by the MSRP (near the top) to get the residual percentage. Since the offer is for 36/10k lease, subtract 1% for 12k miles or subtract 3% for 15k.

So for the 2016 X5 40e:
37226 / 63095 = 0.59
Subtract 3 points for 15k and you get 56% residual.

I also don’t see a CVRP rebate on X5 40e

jmac63 thank you very much for taking time and passing me on that info.
vhooloo yes, thank you for answering that portion of my question as well!

With all the research and help from the blog, I was able to get a 2016 X5 40e.
Here is my deal:

MSRP 66745
Tax incentives 4500 (3500+1000 loyalty)
Acq fee 925
RV 58%
MF .00137
Doc fee 80
Lic / Reg Fee 460
monthly $483/out tax $526 with 9% tax
D/off $5328 (includes 1st months, 0 Security Deposit, MSD$3850, Reg&Doc 540 tax on cap cost $412)

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wow that’s a great deal

thank you! all to you guys…

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