Bmw x5 3.5i 2017

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [BMW X5 3.5I XDrive]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/10K]
Zip Code: [11223]

58%, .0014, $2,000 credit

Thanks! I am new to calculating my own lease I built my car to $64,805. How much will I be able to negotiate and how would I calculate it in the leasehackr calculator.

I really appreciate your help, I am new to this forum.

I’d aim for a sales price of $58,000 before any incentives. Feel free to PM for North Jersey dealer options, which are always more competitive than NYC, Westchester, and LI.

Great, and from the 58K you add in the 2K Cash incentive and College Graduate Incentive?
How much will it be monthly?

Roughly speaking, yes. Monthly will be around $700 without MSDs and just first month at signing.

Perfect, Any New Jersey dealers you know of that can give me the deal and negotiate?
Would you please show me the numbers inputted in calculator so I can have it done in the future?


@Electrifi38 Is this the correct calculations?

Pm sent to you. (20 characters)

please send me the dealer information in NJ for X5 lease…thanks