Bmw x4 loaners in ny

Hi everyone.
I received these quotes from a dealer for x4. Both are loaners with almost 8xxx mikes on them. My zip is11580. For someone new like myself it looks outrageous.

  1. X4 28i with M package $505/36 month with $6280 -taxes, title , processing , aquisition and first month -due at signing .

X4 M40i $603 /36 month with $6903 -taxes, title, processing, aquisition and first month - due at signing . it would be $791 with zero down.

Those are definitely very high. However if a loaner has more than 5000 miles it will not qualify for any incentives or rebates. Also, your residual will be much lower since there’s a mileage penalty. i would look for loaners with less than 5K miles

Thanks. It sure is a lot.

Without the MSRPs on the units and a breakdown of the proposed lease there won’t be much to comment on. Monthly payment figures in a vacuum are not going to help you figure out how the deal could be improved.

I like the x4 but the lease deals are always crap

I’m in the market for an X4 and i have not been able to get the dealers to budge on loan/demo to 15-20 off msrp which i saw on this forum is the % off you should aim for when dealing with a demo especially with the 2019 coming soon. It just seem that the dealers are not willing to negotiate to move the car.