BMW X4 deal in NY/NJ

New to leasehackr and looking for advice from all the experts here.

Are there any deals out there for the 2019 BMW X4 30i with just xline styling and premium package? The MSRP is around $58K so should I aim for $580/month (1% rule)?
I’d be ok with 2018 model but can’t seems to find them at any dealership.

If you want someone to find a deal for you, then you should get in touch with a broker. The forum doesn’t find you a deal. It just doesn’t work like that at all

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Along with what @boardwalknj said, there is not going to be any great deals on a 19 when there are still 18’s on the lot.


Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and reached out to few dealers, one of them gave me this offer which I think it’s pretty terrible?

MSRP: 62,370 (incl destination)
Lease Price 60,138
Residual: 36,789.30 (59%)
MF: 0.00187 (I think its marked up? should be 0.00166)
Monthly payment $887.26 (tax included), $1332.26 DAS (1st month, 285 dmv, 75 doc fee, and some other BS fees)
The dealer said the quote included $2000 bonus cash, but when I entered the #s into the Calculator I got $839 month after tax.

Yeah, that’s not a good deal, but as others said going for a 2019 at this point isn’t going to be the best deal.

The X4 30i starts at $50k, the X4 M40i starts at $60k. Obviously options will inflate the prices but you need to be wary that a highly optioned 30i might mean the M40i is the better option. It depends how flexible you are with options. I’d also explore the Mercedes GLC Coupe as it’s been out for 2 years now so will probably be more affordable than the new X4, they also start at $47k.

Thanks for the info. I don’t really want much options other than red leather seats, I’m usually huge on the M sport look but I think the xline styling looks as good for the X4 for some reason. But it seems like the X4 is not leasing too well, so I’ve been looking into the 430i grand coupe with MSRP around 53K, aiming for 10-11% off MSRP before incentive (not sure if that’s too ambitious?), plus $3000 bmw incentive + $1250 loyalty/costco + $1000 OL code (not sure if this stacks). If all works out I’d get a monthly payment of around $500 with $0 down.

I’m not a Mercedes fan but the GLC Coupe looks pretty nice! I’ll definitely look into it, thanks man!

I’m looking for an X4 loaner and can’t seem to find anything on the board… please keep me posted I"m out of my lease end of March so… looking now… thanx Raffy