BMW X3M40i new lease


Hi everyone,

I’m shopping for a BMW X3M40i and want to know if this is a good deal. I will register the car in NY but picking it up in a different state.

BMW X3M40i

This is a good deal, pretty close to what’s been reported as best possible recently.

Also, this is an insanely great truck and you will love it. You’ve got pretty close to an ideal build, too, at 64K.

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This is my build:

I can’t wait. This is my first BMW, coming from Lexus.

I’ve gotten quotes for 667 a month with 2500 upfront in my area.

Nice build. If it were to be mine, I’d add HK audio.


This looks like @nyclife 's broker deal @ 11.5% and $599 dealer fee?

During my test drive HK audio barely seemed any different from my current 3 series non HK. Not sure if it’s worth the upgrade. I would instead spend money on vernasca.

It’s worth it. You need to manually adjust the settings and tune it, though. Optimal specs on the BMW forums. It does not ship from the factory sounding as good as it can.

Is it B&O or Burmester? No. Is it much better than base? Yes.

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It would be a challenge to get a higher discount, but the programs are meh at best. Low RV, mediocre MF, lack of incentives and the worst of the MSD programs. Personally I find it hard to recommend ~$700 for a bread-n-butter 6-cylinder compact crossover with a fake “M” on the back.

At the end of the day if you’re ok with the payment knowing what it is, go for it.

Probably in line with my other post about $700 payment on an X3 but what are the alternatives here? Outside of a 540i I didn’t see any other vehicle*, crossover or sedan that has better programs/discounts with a 6 cyl engine to yield a lower payment.

*LT1s are ineligible :slight_smile:

There are several definitions of value. Someone posted that the Q5 offered more features for the same dollar than a X3 30i; IDK if that applies to the SQ5 vs X3 M40i but it’s worth looking into.

Or wait for better programs and market conditions if possible.

I second the leather. Leather also gives you Ambient lighting package.
Enjoy it!

During these times, it’s unknown. But historically I know by end of Q1 programs are better.

Yes it is.

Agreed, value can be subjective. Some might prefer more features over driving dynamics or vice versa. I’m the latter, but either way, I don’t see SQ5s going for cheaper than $600ish with $2k DAS, which is essentially what this deal or any other sub 10% X3 M40i deal is. Pick your poison I suppose :smiley:

Def add HK… had 2 previous BMWs without HK and currrent one has and noticeable difference. I’m not an audiophile either.

Clearer and the bass thumps :+1:

Hip Hop, EDM etc all sound great :relieved: