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I just came across a 2020 and 2021 BMW X3M non-comp loaner both around 4300 miles. What discount off MSRP should I expect? I’m seeing a lot of different percentages on other posts, can the pros help me?

Thanks in advance!

Also could you tell me what discount to expect off of x3 m40i loaners ranging from 1500-4400 miles?

Post what discounts you have seen. Lots of data points from brokers in the “Marketplace”.

I meant I’ve seen lots of different discounts on bmw loaners^ and let me find them as I closed all the tabs earlier. brb!

Hope I posted this correctly. I understand different times and different model, but I see he says new discounted at 12.5% and loaner discounted at 17% pre-incentive. This is my first lease I just don’t wanna end up on a worst leases thread :joy:

That’s not an X3M. That link you posted was from August 2020.


i know. that’s why I said "I understand different times(2020) not 2021 and different model. I also was pointing out I meant I’ve seen a lot of different discounts on bmw loaners in my previous reply.


Again, for your own good and research, why not post what type of discount you are seeing from brokers today on 2021 X3Ms?


Gotcha let me find that. Thanks for trying to help me out so far.

The search function is your best bet. Again, lots of BMW brokers that ship to FL.

This spreadsheet shows 10% discount off of new x3m and does that fact that the cars i’m talking about are in Illinois matter? Since Florida deals are eh. I’ll search up some brokers in Illinois if they might be able to help more.

Or, 11% off and shipping to FL from the mid-Atlantic will be much cheaper…

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Any reason you are just looking at loaners? Why not get a new one?

I was looking at new ones earlier and talked to so many dealers here in FL and they just didn’t cooperate at all(like $1300 payments with 3k down). I know not to put money down on the lease but I cant imagine that outrageous payment with 0 down. Then I saw the 2020 X3M loaner and I was thinking that maybe since it’s last years model I could get an excellent discount. I just don’t know what that discount would be.

There is no “one size fits all discount”.

Obviously a dealer is going to tell you what they want you to pay…

You need to come up with your own target based on research and make your own offer.

You may find that the dealer will refuse to go above 10%, or that the dealer will do 20%. Every dealer and situation is different.

If it was easy and didn’t take any work, this site wouldn’t exist.


Agreed with the hackers above. You need to have your own target and then decide what % works for you. Also definitely email multiple dealers in your area and see what they can offer. Before i signed my new 330i lease I was looking for a loaner. However, the dealer was only willing to do 15% on the loaner but I was able to get 12%~ on a new one so why not. So do your research and get a better idea, there is no such fixed % for all. Things vary based on location, model, stock etc… GL!

I think if you look at what brokers here are offering for a new X3M and get an idea. When you talk to the dealers, show them your own calculations so they know you are serious and be willing to work with you. But again, have your own target in mind not everyone is gonna get one of those unicorn deals.

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