Bmw X3 xDrive35i deal review

Something seems off. Calc gives me much lower number. Any help finding would be appreciated.

The last two digits are missing from everything on the left side column. Your MF is probably marked up.

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The best way I know to look at any lease deal is to avoid downpayment i.e. zero down, then it’s easier to calculate and compare to other deals. What was the MF before the Security deposit, I am assuming it’s total of MSDs, right? Also, why they show Adjusted Cap Cost without the actual Cap Cost reduction, like it’s a mystery.
I am getting $469 mo incl tax for 36mo 12k a year with no money down, so basically they are raping you if you wish. Residual is off too, I would not deal with this people. Next dealer please.

I was told MF was 0.00120. I had assumed this was before the MSD’s. After a closer inspection this wasn’t the case. looks like .0012 after MSD’s and was inflated close to .0017 to get these #'s.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I knew I wasn’t that crazy.

You will be crazy if you go back to these guys, just use TrueCar and find someone decent to deal with or use lease broker like DSR Leasing, I am sure they can work out a much better deal for you. Again, don’t put money down on the lease unless you want to prepay it completely, then you get a better MF i think.

He’s not putting any money down in that quote. It’s just the 7 MSDs plus all the fees upfront.

Correct, $0 down payment with 7 MSD’s. I just didnt catch that they inflated the MF to get to their #'s. Wish i realized while there so I could have called them out on it.

Thank you! , didn’t see that :slight_smile:
regardless it’s a rip off only through the MF