BMW X3 xDrive30i 2020 lease offer

Anything else I can shave off? Or is this pretty solid? The dealer is willing to meet these numbers without much pushback reason I believe there is still some extra savings awaiting me
Ontop of the 14% discount, I’m applying a 1k graduate, 1750 lease credit and a 1500 loyalty.
I am based in NYC 11214. Thanks in advance.

No one knows. But looks real good for a 2020. You’d have more leverage on a 2019 since lease support ends 3/31.

Ok he’s sending me his numbers right now which he claims are slightly slightly different. I’ll be posting them soon as he emails them over.

I did recogonize that I was off by $250 on rebates but plugging in 4250 instead of 4500 I get :

Where is the discrepancy? I asked what MF he’s using, awaiting his reply.

Update : they fully accepted my numbers, but must come in today which isn’t practical. Best reply so that they can hold the deal to the weekend at least ?