BMW X3 warranty transfer & service question

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I assumed a 2018 BMW X3 lease in NY with 7 months left. How should I make sure it is safe to drive? I wanted to get it serviced by BMW Manhattan to make sure everything is ok but they quoted me key check (complimentary), overnight diagnostic ($230) and $700 for warranty transfer into my name. I think only the limited warranty transfers over to me on lease assumption. Should I be worried about safety of driving? What should I get done to the car? Any advice appreciated.

You have the full warranty (same as the original owner). They are trying to sell you UC+ for $700. Check what maintenance you might need until you return it. Probably you will only need an oil change.

Why would your car be unsafe to drive? The car gives you a warning sign if something goes wrong. So take a deep breathe and enjoy your car.

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