BMW X3 ORDERS, 10% off list + incentives. [NJ/NJ/PA]


Exactly what the title says, now doing X3s @ 10% off list for orders 2018 or 2019!!!

Please note, 2018s can no longer be built with any driver assistance equipment.

MSDS available!

Assuming you mean (**NY/NJ/PA) How’s a sample lease for a NYC delivery looking w taxes rolled in?

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It depends on the msrp you are looking at.

Is driving assistance possible for 2019 custom build?

Yes it is. However, we don’t know when the orders will come in. Forecasting, August.

What does a lease look like on these cars.


What does the lease payment look like in NYS (w/ taxes and fees) for 2018 X3 with MSRP of $51,085?

Please send me a message with the term of the lease (mileage), whether you have an OL code or not, and if you have conquest (any vehicles in household)

Without an msrp, I can’t give a lease. On the 2019s it’d be an estimate as I can’t lock in the programs.

Still have any 18’s available? Looking for something similar to this one VIN: 5UXTR9C53JLC78830 $53-$54k MSRP. Premium with driver assist packages.

Meant to dm you