BMW X3 M40i Deal

Looking for advice on a deal.

BMW X3 M40i
Msrp 65170
Sale price 59000
Loyalty Incentive 1500
Mf .00166
Residual .56
MA sales tax 6.25

3 yr / 15k
0 down, 0 drive off

Payment 869

Zip 01970

Thanks for taking a look!

These X3 M40’s all seem really expensive to me.

Someone else posted a $599 deal recently (albeit with MSD’s and lower miles etc)

Agree with @Bjam, even with the good discount and base MF ~$900 a month is a lot of money. Have you cross-shopped the SQ5? Audi have way too much inventory and they’ve been sitting longer, it may be the 1 scenario where Audi’s are better value.

I used to have a GLC43 until last week but would not recommend it.

Didn’t love the Audi.

Just looking for the best deal on this car.

Is the car you got quoted on over optioned for you? That’s the only place I can really see to save some money, but obviously you’re restricted to what is on the lot at dealers. 10% off the new model is probably close to the maximum, might want to ask for advice from @BMW_Dave if he has any ideas.

That’s a great deal for an M40i IMO.


Another good deal posted today.
Signed new 2018 BMW X3 m40i

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You should be able to shave off another 1000 if the car is in the dealers inventory

Alright, worked it for another week and ended up taking the following deal from another dealer. Signed last night.

New X3 M40i 2018
Msrp 65120
Selling price 57044
Incentive 1500 loyalty
Mf .00166
Residual .56
MA tax 6.25
0 down
0 drive
3 yr / 15k
799, 35 payments


Man, that is an EXPENSIVE lease. Not sure Jerry could have done much better as it’s up to bmwna and dealers to make lease options more appealing, but that’s nearly 10k/year for a lease.

It’s not bad. Is 15k a year, and 0 driveoff. Most deals here people will pay fees and/or some taxes up front which makes the monthly look more attractive.

For that vehicle with the incentives so low and no MSD’s, it’s a good deal. Almost all performance European vehicles you’re going to pay at least $700 a month with $0 down, especially at this time of year. The Stelvio/Giulia is probably the only outlier unfortunately.

@Jerrydubey post a picture on the trophy thread

Hi, can you share what dealer this was with?

I am 21 days into a 36/12k lease on my X3 M40i. The MSRP was $56k, so a little cheaper than the model your looking at. I am at $540 mo, including 7% sales tax on each payment and Included with my inceptions was about $375 in cost cap reduction. The discount was almost $14,000 off of MSRp plus some rebates, I think about $2,500 worth of.

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Mr645, was this a demo vehicle you leased? What dealer was it?

Is was a demo, had 1200 miles on it. Autonation BMW on Linton in Delray