BMW X3 m. NOT m40


Anyone even look at numbers on the x3m. My guess is price on 85k will be over 1k but just wondering if anyone has seen the numbers?

Use the search function.

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It’s a brand new car and I haven’t seen one thread on the M not the M40

You should add competition to the title as to not get people confused with the M40i. I called a few dealers and the units they had were spoken for before they hit the lot. I just wanted to go check it out.

So guessing a case of Vaseline from Costco will be required?


Im not near any high volume dealers. My local dealer said the deals that happen here on a regular basis arent true. In so many words called me a liar even after showing him some dealer sheets from surrounding area. So i would be interested to see what bigger markets with more volume can get.

I wouldn’t expect under invoice for a while unless you’re real friendly with a specific dealer…even then 10% might be it…

Too rich for my blood and at that point I might as well target an X5!

I priced out a x3 m…not competition. Came out to 75k w paint and executive package. That’s not terrible to me. Now IF you can get a base mf/10 percent off before incentives/loyalty ol lease cash/ High 50 residual may turn out to be ok numbers. Guessing that’s dream world though

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I could get that fairly easily through my connect but still high. :sunny:

Also have a guaranteed zero net deal w base MF (Not replicable due to relationship — Please don’t ask.) waiting for me on an M340i or X3 M40i whenever I want to pull the trigger on it: I’d still target a fairly loaded loaner though to get closer to 20%.

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Is the finance manager a hook anymore for those numbers?

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Two things irk me about x3 line. No digital cockpit and no remote start. Those two reasons will make me wait and hopefully hype dies w no m3 expected

2020 I think will have LCP from what I heard but I could be wrong too.

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X3m is 2020 I believe

July 2019 Lease Program:

X3M and X3M Competition (2020MY)

15k miles / 55% residual
12k miles / 57% residual
10k miles / 58% residual

No incentives

not the worst for a new BMW M series car. I ran some numbers, its like just under $900 per month with drive offs if you can score 10% discount on the car

Zero net? You can do better. Still some meat on that bone.


Oh, you think I won’t try? :laughing:

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I’d be disappointed if you didn’t, hah.

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Have you gotten rid of any cars yet?

Thanks for the info. Residuals are great. Does loyalty exist on the m?

Drove one today at the MTown event, it was awesome!