BMW X3 Loaner Quote. Seems high. Opinions?


This is the lease worksheet that I got from a dealer in Maryland. The car will be registered in VA. I mentioned to the sales person that I dont wanna pay anything down but will want to make MSDs

Discount is too low and MF looks marked up.

Taxes are wrong, should be 4.15% of selling price plus incentives plus doc fee.

11.4% discount is way too low for a loaner.

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Money factor according to sales person is calculated assuming worst case scenario if I dont qualify for lowest rate.

Can someone help me fill in the calculator? My credit score is around 780

I don’t think that’s worse case scenario as Tier2 is probably lowered that what they quoted you.

I sent him a reply back asking to give a better discount on sale price and lower the MF.

He also mentioned that the way his system calculates the taxes is on the entirety of the lease term but that’s not what I am going to be paying the day of sale

Your client advisor is full of shit. I got quotes for an X5 from Nova and MD dealers a couple weeks ago and all of them were able to calculate my VA taxes correctly. Give him your zip code and tell him to try again.

I believe 700+ qualifies for tier 1 credit with BMWFS.

Which MD dealer is this?

bit off topic… but does anyone know if BMWFS includes Property tax in monthly payment for cars registered in NOVA?

Last week i was talking to delaer and he told me Property taxes are included in Monthly payment.

Passport BMW

Now his manager wants me to call him after he has made some “adjustments” lol. I told him to send me the updated sheet via email

I was recently speaking with a sales person about at 2019 BMW X3 loaner car with approximately 1,000 miles. What do you think the appropriate discount would be for the vehicle?

Minimum 15% before incentive…

Thank you Electric!

This is the updated one

Sent you pm. Check inbox.

Got a another quote from a different dealer. Thoughts?

To answer your question about Property Tax in VA, yes BMW will pay it for you but it isn’t included in monthly payment. They bill you for it once per year when they pay it for you.

Calculator for $504 per month is as close as I can get.

I backed out the incentives and $299 KAHU garbage fee. Appears this is a VA dealer with $699 doc fee. MF is marked up to the max. Ask for buy rate money factor of .00145 and removal of KAHU.

I asked for the MF and he says it’s 0.0015. I’ll ask for those KAHU fees to be removed and but rate money factor. Let’s see what he says.

He came back with KAHU removed. The monthly comes out to $385 per month with taxes and all fees rolled into the monthly. The only thing I will be paying is MSDs of $4000 and first month payment of $385.

He mentioned that to make up for the price they took off they mark up the MF in the “back end” and the jacked rate is 0.0015.

I’m slightly confused, on paper the monthly looks like a good deal and I will be getting my MSDs back at the end of the term.

Ask for a new lease sheet because the numbers don’t add up. 7 MSD are only $2800. With $385 monthly and .0015 mf I get around $1212 due at signing, or $386 monthly with $1200 (i.e. $4000 total including MSD).

Effective payment is $415 which I would consider fantastic in VA where you have to pay sales tax on purchase price. Link to calculator

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