BMW X3 loaner lease deal converted to finance - TEXAS region

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A awesome lease deal which I decided to do out right purchase!!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: - 2019, BMW, X3
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $**47700
Selling Price: $ 34100
Monthly Payment: $ ~280 ish including taxes
Cash Due at Signing: $ 700 (First month + TTL)
MSD: 7
Incentives: 2000 (Lease & Conquest) + 1000 (College Grad)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
Demo Car: 4998 (ODO)
MF: 0.002096
Residual: 57

Region: TEXAS
Leasehackr Score: 16 Yrs.

********* THE PURCHASE PRICE WAS $30,900 inclusive of everything****** Experts please rate my deal

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The lease deal would have been absolutely incredible. Not a fan of the purchase at all. Paying over $500 a month for 5 years when you could have been in it for only $280 for 3 years? If you want this car for 7-8 years then that’s probably good.

that is quite impressive. how did you get them to do 30% off before incentive.


I rate it as Awesome. Almost Unbelievable.

Like you went on the Internet and were able to make a Mouse sing and dance and even build a Magical Kingdom.

Not sure how OP got dealer to dig this deep but WOW.
With this deal a 24/12 would have yielded an even more incredible payment, which would have left more room to buy miles vs purchase vehicle…assuming its overmileage the OP was worried about, in which case…well…you’ll find out.

One must weigh out purchase ppm vs lease ppm+addtl miles cost. Selling or trading a car once it’s yours with no predetermined value is hell especially out of warranty.

Thank you all for your overwhelming response! I initial thought to go with lease but after adding disposition fees, extra miles ($0.25/mile), added risk of replacing brake pads & tires and exterior/interior damages (if any) at the end of the lease tenure

It was really a tough task to get a dealer to go this low, it took me close to 2 months in terms of understanding lease concepts, dealer inventory trends, how long the vehicle has been in OC/Demo program etc.,

Also, I decided to buy because of following reasons –

  1. Dealer offered only 2.49% APR which i will transfer to a credit union in a month or so for a lower APR
  2. Tires were almost new and brake pad were b/n 10-11 mm thickness
  3. I drive around 15k miles/year
  4. I got almost 38% off of MSRP for purchase compared to 35.5% off for lease(because of difference in rebates)!!

Not sure this analysis was correct:-)