BMW X3 Loaner - Is this a good deal?

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Being offered a deal on a 2019 demo X3 with ~4,500 miles on it

LH Calc link is below but including the key details here:

MSRP: $52,445
Sales Price: $42,970 (18.1% discount)
$2k of incentives
$0 down

Broker fee is $499

For another data point, I just closed on a white demo X3 with ~1800 miles for $441/mo with $2000 DAS and no MSDs. Not a unicorn by any means but a deal I was very comfortable making.

MSRP: 50885
Sales Price: 43000 (15.5% discount)
Incentives: $2500
DAS: $2000 to cover acquisition fee, dealer fees, and first month

Discount is solid and base mf. Doesn’t look like you have loyalty which is going to make it not comparable to some of the other deals posted.