BMW X3 Loaner - good deal?

2017 X3 XDrive 28i
7560 miles
Original sticker $54420
Advertised price 46995
Sale price 43940.11
Residual 63%
MF .00134

Lease calc shows:
MSRP 46995
Resid 63%
-extra miles 1895
residual 32389.60 (this doesn’t make sense to me)
MF .00134
36 months
-discount 3054.89
Sale price 43,940.11
Sales tax 1529.35
Acq fee 925
total cap cost 46394.46
payment 494.59
up front:
1st 494.59
tire fee 12.50
Insp fee 10.00
Doc fee 75.00
Dealer fee 250.00
Tax on fees 28.03
Due at signing 870.12

Other info: Demo miles 7580 @ .25 = 1895.00
Security deposit waived

Is this a good deal? NY dealer - no MSD available?

The numbers are checking out. The problem is that you are basically paying 1895$ for the car that you didn’t use. The selling price would have been otherwise excellent for an unused vehicle. Also, not being able to use MSDs is a bummer, since you are paying 100$/month as interest on the lease. See, if you can negotiate the selling price down by another 3-4k.

Not enough discount for a loaner.

Take these numbers to other dealers and ask them to beat it. I like doing this over email or phone rather than going there personally.

Thanks for the reply. Can you tell me what you mean by “you’re paying 1895 for miles you didn’t use”?

I’m having a hard time grasping how this works.


@caryalon The RV calculation for a new car with 0 miles at inception is just the RV% * MSRP. So in this case, $34,284.60. This is the projected value in 36mo with 36k miles on the odometer. But this VIN starts out with 7,560 miles and you need to adjust the RV down by $0.25/mile. This is where the -$1,895 adjustment to the RV comes in because this care in 36mo is expected to have a final mileage of 43,560 miles. $0.25/mile is a bit higher than what actual X3 auction data shows but BMWFS (and other lenders) creates business rules that are applicable to all models they lease on.

The benefit of leasing a BMW loaner is that they are making a significant break on the transaction price so your payments are lower than the same X3 with 0 miles. In this case, they are discounting the MSRP an additional $3,054.89 because of the high miles and they are discounting the RV by $1,895.

The residual is reduced by $.25/mile for any mileage above 500 AFAIK. Your reduction is $1,895. This increases your depreciation cost. All loaners have this reduction, it’s ok when the selling price and monthly payment reflect its essentially pre-owned status.

Thanks for the info - very helpful!