BMW X3 loaner deal check


Hi, I’m new to the forum and it’s my first time to lease a car.
Here’s the information I got from a dealer. LH calculator

Still, I have a few questions might need your answers.

  1. The sales person said comparing to new car, this loaner car doesn’t include free maintenance. Is it something I should worry about? How much and how often should I maintain it?
  2. Any other risks I should be aware of loaner cars?
  3. The MF is 0.00139, higher than what I got from other dealers 0.00099. But the dealer refused to lower the MF unless put MSDs. Besides, I haven’t negotiate the discount, it’s just the dealer told me I can get a good deal from this car. And the room for an additional discount would be only $100~$200. Is there any other way I can lower the MF and get better discount?
  4. I have a corporate fleet $1000 off, not sure where I should put in the calculator. As to rebate, it’s $1500, can I negotiate a better one, or it’s fixed?
  5. Can any other offer be applied? I saw people using MileagePlus, OL code, USAA…

I know they are a lot of questions. Thank you in advance!

You should be able to “refresh” the maintenance for a nominal fee, from what I’ve seen.

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Also, get the final sales price pre discount with all dealer add ins. With your marked up MF you will need to translate to total cost of ownership to compare other deals.

Thanks Andyecon, what are dealer addins? are they different kind of fees?

Yup. Make them an offer of what you’re willing to pay or find a new dealer.

Things like window tinting, nitrogen in tires… stuff that they make up high prices on to make more money. Sometimes these add over $1000 and do not get residualized, so you are paying every penny over the lease. You have to fight them to either take these off or give you extra discounts to offset them, otherwise a “good” deal ends up being awful when you get the final terms.