Bmw x3 lease deal

Hey guys, just wanted to see what you guys think about this deal I got. My family uses a car agent to get our leases for us and just wanted to see off that bat if this was a good deal or if I should go in and try to do better

2019 BMW X3
MSRP : $54,700
Sell Price : I’m not sure he didn’t give me this information
Monthly Payment : $588+Tax (36/12K) or $616+Tax (36/15k)
Down Payment : $0
MF : He didn’t mention but I called BMW and they said its at …00206
Residual : He didn’t mention but I called BMW and they said 56% for 15k/yr, 58% for 12k/yr
Incentives : He didn’t mention but I think he probably just used Loyalty and maybe Costco which adds up to $2,000. I asked my dealer about the Summer On event but they said it doesn’t apply to X3’s that are leasing. I also heard about a OL code for $1,000 if you sign up for some sweepstakes, does anybody know more about that?


Thanks guys sorry I know I don’t have much information

$0 down or $0 due at signing? If the former, what do all the fees you have to pay up front add up to? Seems quite high for a $55k MSRP, but it is a 2019, so what do I know?

MF is at max. Buy rate is .00166.

Get sell price from car agent. If he won’t supply, time to find a new agent.

What good is your family agent if 1) he cant be transparent in the transaction for you? And 2) He doesnt have information on OL codes and other incentives etc and you have to hunt all those down?

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You should be able to do 10% off BEFORE any incentives.

I haven’t asked him about cap cost or which incentives he used. He normally he just let’s me know monthly payment and payment due drive off. I’m sure he has no problem giving me that info.

But I spent 6+ hours looking into how leases work last night and I think while this isn’t a bad deal I can definitely do much better. I went the day before to test drive and they gave me such a shit deal, I’m excited to be able to go in the dealer with knowledge this time.

I was thinking of asking for $48,000 for cap cost, is that too much of a lowball?