BMW X3 deal in SF Bayarea

Getting this deal in BayArea for BMW X3 xD
MSRP -$49k
Discounted price - $44910
36 mo lease, 10k miles / year included, minimal drive off only ($1925), $547 / mo + tax
I think it’s still too high. Any suggestions on how can i reduce the numbers on top of it?

What’s the selling price BEFORE incentives?
What incentives you qualify for?
What’s the MF? Most Bay area dealers mark it up
Put 7 MSDs down to reduce MF
Wait for the last weekend of the month to grab an OL code.

Also, may want to talk to @avocautos

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+1 to @boozinix 's questions. All critical in analyzing the deal. @sg39 - think you may have reached out earlier? Happy to help - just let me know.

What is OL code?

Please search the forum - there’s another whole thread/topic on it.

Sure. I will let you know.