BMW X3 30e Deal Check, and Leasehackr calculator check


Got the attached deal offer on an X3 30e, but when entering the info into Leasehackr, it comes up with a lower payment than the dealer is shouting. They advised hey are using 0.00162 as the MF, but they’re still $19 higher than the cffalculator. Granted, not a huge amount, but enough to make me wonder what I entered incorrectly, or what fees they’re not stating that are included but not disclosed? (apologies for the photo of the deal sheet, hope it’s legible)

Here’s the Calculator with the numbers

Incentives are most likely taxed. Does IL collect taxes upfront? If so, below is the closest I get, which is off by $3/mo.

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My understanding is that Illinois only taxes on the lease amount, so I would assume the calculator would be doing that correctly. The sales rep said they couldn’t get it to calculate it to their number either, but of course they’ll use their number. I just wondered if I was entering something wrong or missing something?

Regarding the negative amount you put in the down payment field, curious how you derived that number? Was that based on some of the numbers from my deal sheet?

Are you in Chicago?
For $750, that should be an “M” and not a “30e”

Nope in central Illinois. Can you clarify about the statement about the $750 being an M and not 30e?

You’re paying a huge premium for the phev trim. From a leasing standpoint, the phev models only tend to make sense when there are federal rebates added in. On this, the incentives aren’t there. For the same price, you can easily find yourself in an x3m40 or an x3m for not that much more.

Thanks for the tip, but I’m ordering as I have particular options that I won’t live without, and I’ve never found one on the lot with all the toys I want. I’m guessing the deal you posted (which was great) was likely buying off the lot. Plus he had an extra $2k in incentives I’d never get.

It is a shame that BMW isn’t passing along any of those federal tax credits when leasing (as Volvo does with their T8 PHEV), and does give me consideration to wait a few months to see if they change that rebate model due to that.

Have you considered spending less money and ordering an x3m40?

If you cou,d get a deal under $750/month with zero down for this build ID below then I’d consider you someone that knows what he’s doing!

I don’t know that you’re going to get an x3m for cheaper, but an x3m40 would definitely be doable.

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So you’re basing that on the fact that there’s a $3500 incentive versus the $2000? Are there other factors at play, such as a higher residual or dealers being more aggressive with discounts on it versus the 30e?

The 30e wasn’t even on my radar originally but when I realized that 90% of my miles could be electric it became more attractive.

Thanks for your thought provoking comments!

Residuals appear to be the same. I’d expect to see better discounts on the x3m40 and you get better incentives.

Some example deals: 🎁 MARCH BMW IN-STOCK 12.5% OFF ON NEW - NONE - M Model only

Unless you are one of those states that can get $5000+ tax credit plus state credit, it’s not worth doing it over a normal 30i.
Also even if you are on OC, current OC rate is 4.09% and due to the way balloon finance calculates, you are not going to get a good deal at the moment.