BMW X3 3.0i Lease

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Trying to find out if this is a good lease or not. Any help would be appreciated.

36 months /10k miles
MSRP is $54,592.00
Selling Price at $51,892.00
Money Factor is .00165
Residual is 59%
$1703 - Upfront Fees which are:
$925.00 Bank Fee
$75.00 Doc Fee
$10.00 State Tire tax
$10.00 Inspection
$683 First Months Payment

Payment $683/month - includes BMW loyalty

Nope not a good deal at all. You need to push for more discount off MSRP. You should probably give your location as well (it would have been good to make it a tag instead of putting SUV which is quite useless IMHO)

Not a strong deal, but also depends on location as previous poster stated…

You need to be at closer to $49,000 pre-incentive for this to be a good deal. You should also be getting $1,250 lease cash and $1,250 loyalty.

Added tag to provide location which is NY

More so makes it a weak deal.
NYC is aggressive especially if you go to jersey. Contact one the brokers on here. Well worth the fee once they get you the car for much less.