BMW X3 28i Xdrive in MA

Hi folks,

I started to get in touch with the dealers here in MA and I found this on Cargurus. I was looking at comparable vehicles (fully loaded) and all of them were in the 50K and above. I am unable to figure out why this X3 is priced much lower. I am trying to follow Ed_Churchward’s plan on leasing a BMW. My initial contact with the online agent got me a e-price of $39,077 with the MSRP being $42,245 which equates to a 7.49% discount.

Here is the link:

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Yeah that looks like a good deal. Be sure to call and ask if they have this exact car otherwise they will play games

The car gurus listing is incorrect. This car does not have all these options. It is the base model and hence the price is 42k. And if I am not wrong, the base model does not even include rear camera lol

X3’s have a base price of $39,XXX. Advertised car has $14k+ in options so it should have an msrp of $50k plus not $42k

That is correct Jim and Vhooloo as most of the cars with all the options are north of $50K. I called the stealership (Sudbury BMW) yesterday and the client care specialist was very positive and said that he can see all the options on this stock #. He leaves me a voicemail in the evening that this car has been sold and presents me another stock#. Let the games begin:). I am going to try and get a quote from all the dealers in the area and see what is the best discount that I am getting.

I wouldn’t call them a stealership but they certainly would not give you a 52k car for 39k just like that

I was kidding vhooloo. It’s just impossible to trust anything that they say from my past experience. My first question to the client care guy was why is this car so differently priced and he said to me that it has all the options that I was talking about. Anyway, I am continuing my search for cars that have all the options that I need.

I went to a couple of BMW dealers in the area and did not hear about a big discount. One of the sales agent did mention that there were bigger discounts in December but the best that his manager can do right now is 6%. I walked off and am going to negotiate over the phone now:(

I would guess that it was a loaner car resale. That’s similar to the X3 i got a couple of weeks ago.

Does 6% discount on MSRP sound right for an X3 28i drive? I have seen posts wherein the discount has been 13% - 15%.

Brings back memories …