BMW X3 2020/2021 First Timer


Hi all,
I am new to leasehackr, been reading for a week or so and I am a looking for my first new BMW.
I am interested in a BMW X3 Xdrive with MSRP of $53,000. I am in Richmond VA.
The dealer has almost exactly what I want for in a 2020 model, but if I custom order for exactly what I want it would be a 2021.

Starting with just the MSRP before anything discounts, what kind of discount should I be looking for on a 2020 right now that they have on the lot? Should I be asking for a 12% -15% before incentives? Right now we qualify for ~ $4K of incentives. So like should i ask for ~$46,000 before incentives.

Then for the custom 2021 build should I expect less , like 10% off or should it be more? so ask for like $47,000?

Thank you for the help!

Is the 2020 a loaner? Just being a 2020 does not mean you get higher discount. 10-12% is good for a new car but market is not filled with great offers lately so you might get something around lower end of this range.

no they just got it in, but it is the last of the 2020s. Only 2021s from now on. I just test drove it and they havent said anything but MSRP in price, so I am trying to figure out what I should say I want as my price before incentives.

I am struggling to lease the same vehicle. If it is a demo, and they give you the $4000 in incentives, you might get them to go another $3000? 11.3% off. They will not give you the money factor base rate of .00099. I have been looking closer to the $50k range, and have been quoted in the high 5’s/lower 6’s monthly at 36-12, with 1st payment out of pocket. I have BMW loyalty. Simply not a good time for great deals. People however are still buying vehicles at these higher prices. If you are buying, you probably can get a stronger deal. Good luck.

Yeah I am debating lease vs buy. They are offering $2K more in incentives for buying. If I could get out the door buying for $45K I might do that

Out the door including tax? Good luck on that. I live in Ohio and hit up a few dealers in Virginia, as well as a few other down that way to no avail. Looks like I am going to be extending my lease month to month and hope something pops when the 2021’s start to land.

Yeah Richmond sucks too. Both BMW dealers are owned by the same group and they own the Charlottesville BMW too. Monopoly.

Ill keep you posted.

Shop the dealers in DMV area if you decide on custom order. Based on my experience with the Richmond dealers you’ll have a hard time negotiating a lot of discount and base MF. I ended up buying my custom order 2020 X5 last year in Silver Springs, MD.

Thanks for the recommendation, I will try them as well. This has been a painful process with all the confusing incentives and none of the dealers want to talk just their discount price before incentives.

Ya but bmw is likely inflating the residual by way more than that. Why take on that risk.

If you want to work with a broker, one of our dealerships is one in the area. We still have good prices on new, as well as on orders.

The car I wanted on the lot was sold but it turned out better. I was able to get a custom 2021 order for ~10% off before incentives and over KBB on my trade in.
Decided to buy vs lease.