BMW X2 review 36/15

MSRP $41,745

Sell price $33,605

Loyalty credit $1000

Lease credit $3250

Customer down $0

Lease for 36 month, 15,000 miles per year

Monthly payment is $339.53 plus tax

Monthly sales tax $26.31

Monthly payment tax included is $365.84

Residual amount $23,377.20

Adjusted residual base on about 4047 miles on it now $22,490.45

Weirdly the 24/15 with no Aq came back at a higher price and I was expecting lower. The incentives don’t seem to match but the math came out within 30 cents when I did the math myself.

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Not a bad deal. You got 19.5% off on a demo/loaner. I would aim for even more off selling price. I think new ones cap out around 13ish% off.

My calculator comes out a little less but on par. 24/15 and removed acq fee is $1 more/month vs 36.

Really good! Excellent ride for the money.

In the market for one as well but no where close on initial %discount. Can you PM me the dealer?

No one gave me that price initially. I’ll pm the dealer of I don’t go there and end up somewhere else with a better deal

Please note his is a demo/loaner. If you are looking for new, 13% off should be your target