BMW X2 - Is this a good deal?


Rate my deal. This is for a 2019 loaner BMW x2 with the M Sport Package.

MSRP: $43,550
Sale Price: $31,090 (8.7k off dealer discount + 3750 incentives)
MF: .00168
Residual: 58%
36 month lease with 12k miles/year
Monthly payment : $282/month with $3500 DAS (taxes, titles, doc fee, acquisition fee)

See if you can get them to MF .00128 and look at using MSD’s. Do you have an OL code?

Dealer said I can do all 7 MSDs, so I will check with him on that.
Is .00128 the buy rate?
No OL code. Are there any available?

Portland BMW has OL code event tonight as does Salem bmw. for top credit .00128 is buy rate. MSD would lower it down

I’m in Texas. Have you encountered where a dealership will match an out of state one?

Are you a PENFED member? Not sure if penfed will stack YMMV

Texas has tax credits I believe on some deals that dealers can use…

I have USAA, college grad and BMW loyalty. The dealer said he couldn’t combine the USAA and loyalty… which is a little weird because I did it last time I leased.

I am not sure USAA works for loaners

It did for me at BMW San Antonio when I got my last one. Think it may depend on the dealership

He wouldn’t budge on the MF. With the 7 MSDs, it’s down to $225/month with $6.6k DAS (3500 fees + 3000 MSDs)

Not sure how I feel about the heavy DAS payment. Dealer said to help with tax credits I should look at the one time pay lease.

Ask him to help by lower the MF or upping the discount. The X2 is a lame duck, aka distressed merchandise.

What car is better? The x1?

Not saying that, just that bmw has killed off the X2