BMW X2 - Deal Feedback?

I have been negotiating a base BMW x2 deal for a while now and these are the best numbers I am getting. Have people been seeing better deals than this? One issue is that I am in Maryland, so my tax will be $2,165, which I plan to roll in.
Please let me know your thoughts?
Subquestion: is it worth waiting until next month? The X2 has been sitting for a while and there seems to be a ton of inventory out.

I appreciate all the help!

BMW X2 SDrive 28i
MSRP: $41,014
Selling Price: 35792
Monthly payment: $395
Cash Due at signing: First payment only
MSD: 7
Incentives: 4250 ($2250 lease credit, $1000 conquest, $1000 college grad)
Tax: 2,165

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00147 (I am not clear on whether this is after MDs)
Residual: 59%

Region: Maryland

Attached is a screenshot of the numbers for those who understand better than I do.

The Leasehackr calculator doesn’t seem to match the calculations, but here it is:

Ehhhh… Is this a brand new car or a loaner?

The loaner deals are what will be killer soon. There are a lot of discounted loaners at Passport BMW up there in MD.

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@MConte05, this is for new. I inquired about the loaners, but didn’t seem to be getting better prices.

They are only giving you a 1k dealer discount on the car, that is terrible. The MF is after 7 MSD’s, I would ask for a much bigger discount because they have only contributed roughly 1k to the deal, everything else is given to them regardless of the price of the car.

Selling price is before incentives. They are offering 13% off, and then the $4250 in incentives which makes for 23% off MSRP on a new car. Pretty strong.

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I didn’t see the blue post breakdown, thanks for the correction.

Somebody has a loaner, call around.

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This is a great deal. Take it and my condolences on the MD tax …

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Keep in mind their internet pricing includes all incentives (lease or APR credit + loyalty), often the APR credit is higher than the lease credit, and they also add $995 freight - so the discounts are not as large as they first appear

@joeblogs I found lots of loaners around, but the new ones were pricing lower. They gave me some story about residuals being lower. I will double my efforts to find some.

they tried to give me the same story about residuals and that my lease calculator won’t work because of it. I outlined why he was wrong and he moved on from that pretty quick.
In case you need to calculate adjusted residual, it’s MSRP * RV - (mileage over 500 * .2). I think the 20cents / mile varies but when he showed me the “managers page” it had 20c on there so thats been my base.

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@CliffBadger, this is great. I’ll do that.

Need a quick look at the numbers. How’s the MF on this deal? Anything else look like I could go lower?

too small to read

Your price after incentives is the same price as the OP before incentives of I’m reading it right on my phone

That’s a solid deal - 30% off msrp

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