BMW X1 or X3. 3yr wear and tear?


I started leasing about 9 years ago and currently on my 4th lease. Thank you Leasehacker.
With every new lease I was able to pull off a better deal. I am a frugal and am always looking at value for money. My last Q50 lease was for 340 month( true sign and drive). The reason I like to lease is if you can find a good deal your cost of ownership is low, no repairs or wear and tear. However, in case of my infiniti I was blindsided by tires which worned out at 15k(run flat). $800 added and had to make two trips to shop.

Planning to jump on to X1 or X3 now. Do I need to plan for any extra wear and tear like tires for 3 year lease? I understand that the maintenance is included.

Like to know that as well. It’s interesting that the stock tires on my old x3 lasted 50k and could last at least another 20k if it didn’t hit a nail. Now the tires only last for 15k??..

Not sure about 15k on the tires, I would really had to have a talk with corporate on that one, but if you have a couple of months/couple of miles left, you can buy used tires at 1/3 the price as long as they pass and match.

My last X1(2015)’s rear tires(X1 was RWD) lasted for 21k miles, since they don’t recommend rotating tires so they wear down fast. Just buy used tires on eBay… they didn’t say anything when I returned mine.

how about the wheel size?

19 looks cool but everyone is saying it’s easier to be cracked on LH. Shall I buy the protection for 19 wheels?