BMW X1 Loaner lease


Looking to get a X1 Loaner Lease.


**MSRP: $43,645
**Selling Price: $36666
**Monthly Payment: $398
**Cash Due at Signing: $2391.51 (First Month $398, Acq Fee $925, Tag/tax, rolled in $2100 MSD from last lease, and $2800 MSD for this X1, so $700 MSD)
**Incentives:4500 lease credit

**Months: 24 months
**Annual Mileage:10000/yr
**MF:0.00163 (after MSD)

**Leasehackr Score:10.1yr


I cant get the number match in leasehackr…


Found out it’s due to the mileage on the car already. 2600 and they charge $525.


Do you think it’s a great deal?


ok deal, not the best. Why is your starting MF 0.00198 instead of 0.00188? Residual should reflect that $525 charge, I’m sure you should not be setting residual at 60%. If you’re doing 2 year, waive Acq Fee of $925 and bump MF by 0.00050, you’ll save some money as indicated in the BMW Wiki (BETA).

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So the car had 2500 miles. so the residual at 60% before the penalty. So the 2500-500 miles * $0.25 cents, should made my residual go lower, right?


Is the Wiki not updated?

the MSD x 7 should be 7 x 0.00005 instead of 7 x 0.00007?

and the wave the acq fee and bump MF to 0.00035 instead of 0.0005?

Or my CA gave me marked up MF for MSD and acq fee?


I’m not sure what PA is. Maybe @BMWDavid can help you answer these questions. Last I checked it is 7 * 0.00005 for a total of 0.00035 (max) in Socal as of beginning of this year. Acq fee waiver for MF markup, I was assuming 0.00035, 0.0005 seems like a lot.


Your max MSD calculation is correct @mrpanda. The mileage will affect the residual value on a loaner. Waiving the acquisition fee is possible for a bump in the mf .00015.


Was this changed recently? Just last month, wasn’t it .0005?


I don’t think .0005 was used previously. My source is BMW FS.


.00015 sounds too cheap. More people would do it if it was that low. A vehicle with a adjusted cap cost of $90k and RV of $50k on a 36 month term would come out ahead paying only $756 more in interest than the $925 acq fee. Cheaper BMWs and 24 month leases would make the savings even larger.


I hear what you’re saying, but unfortunately neither you or I publish the guidelines. Perhaps one day :slight_smile:


In general, where can the most up to date MSD rates be found? For all manufacturers that offer it


@Samson @BMW_Dave @GAngellBMW Can one of you confirm if the MF markup is .0005 or .00015 when waiving the acq fee?

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Its .0005 not .00015 (or everyone would waive it)


Exactly correct… either $925 or 0.00050

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Might want to double check that…this dealer is doing .00050 for the acq waiver…

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Acquisition fee waiver .0005
Security deposit waiver .00015



Edmunds has a thread but typically these are unpublished.