BMW X1 lease opinion needed

Hello everyone. First time lessee looking at a 2017 BMW X1 former demo car. Has about 1400 miles and is well loaded with AWD and lots of other goodies. Would love an opinion on the terms. Thanks in advance!

MSRP: 45145
Selling price: 37226 (~18% discount)
36 months at 15k miles per year
58% residual
MF 0.00192 (seems high)

$1500 total due at signing with payments at $436/m

I’m in Texas so we have to pay sales tax at 6.25% on the FULL sales price of the car and this includes that worked into the above numbers. It seems like a decent deal, but again this is my first go around with leasing.

Thanks again!

MF is marked up. Buy rate is .00152. They could probably do a bit better on the discount.