BMW X1 - Advice on deal

Found an “Executive Demo” with about 8k miles at a dealer near me and looking to see if you guys think this is a good deal?

Car is pretty much fully-equipped with xLine, Cold Weather, Driving Assistance, Premium Package, Technology Package

Original MSRP: $45,745
Listed MSRP: $35,988
Listed lease: $359/mo (before tax)
Listed drive off: $5,156

For 36/10k lease got them down to:

Monthly: $400 (tax included)
Drive off: $2,889

  • first month: $400
  • cap reduction: $1000
  • D.M.V. registration: $389
  • Bank Fee: $1005

What do you think?

My personal opinion is that the miles are on the high side for an executive demo which is hurting your residual value. I’d push for that monthly number with no cap reduction and just inceptions upfront, assuming you like the car.

List out the details, what is the sales price vs msrp, are they applying incentives? Are they working off of the .00151 MF? Where are you located