BMW X1 - 316/mo + Tax w/3100 DAS (MSD, Lic + First)

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 19 BMW x1 xDrive
MSRP: $ 42,xxx
Monthly Payment: $ 316 + Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3200
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00093 after 7 MSD
Residual: 59% less miles
Available Incentives: 2250 Lease credit (Included), 750 Loyalty/Conquest (Included), 1,000 College grad avail, 1,000 OL Code Avail.
Region: NE

Convenience Pkg and a couple other goodies.

If interested, please provide zip code, whether you qualify for loyalty/conquest, and how far you can travel to pick up.

Can you post calculator and spec sheet please.

Calc posted above.

Car has:
As far as build goes:

  • Sunroof
  • AWD
  • Heated Seats/Steering Wheel
  • Nav
  • Back Up Camera
  • Power Liftgate
  • Sport Seats
  • Rear Park Assist
  • Convenience Package

What is the color combo?

Couple to choose from. Please PM me if interested.

I am Interested in the Deal. But the Lease calculator states 300 as down payment and 700 as Drive off.

What if I don’t have college Grad and Loyalty Incentive.

I am looking forward for 12K per year.

Please PM me if interested