BMW x Kith Collection

Kith released their collection with BMW earlier today, which includes a Kith x BMW M4 in addition to a bunch of clothes being released today at 11am. How do you guys feel about this? Personally really big fan of the clothes, but that’s because im already a big Kith and BMW guy. Not sure how I feel about the Kith logo though, looks kind of out of place.

Sorry. I’ll show myself out.


I’m too old to appreciate the cool factor with Kith and even Supreme. $65 t-shirts, no thanks!

I might just suck it up and buy some pins. They actually come out to about $6 each, not terrible, but they’re pretty cool.

If I had use for pins I’d definitely buy them too. Just spent $75 on one of the t shirts and I now feel terrible, but oh well. At least now I get some cool factor.

Honestly, whenever I see M gear, it makes me think of the Puma outlet stores (which are loaded with that stuff).


watched the video and super pumped for the new M3/M4 front grille and all!
Looks amazing!

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Gonna make you choose between a 911 and a M4?

Crystal ball tells me i3 rex :sob:
I’d be all over a 992 or a M3 build if I only I had somewhere to go

By leaving that stupid ass bumper, Kith has solidly demonstrated they have no design sensibilities.


If anyone I knew bought any of these items that are now sold out, Im not sure I could ever be friends with them.

This is some of the worst stuff I’ve seen

sigh…I guess I have to return your xmas/hanukkah gift

Your cardigan will go on ebay soon if anyone wants it



Speaking of swag, you shirt is in the mail as of today.

Yay! BCC swag! I’ll post a pic!

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