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Here’s our first stab at a brand-specific Wiki. With all the activity on Leasehackr Forum, it’s easy to lose track of the knowledge being shared. The purpose of this Wiki is to be a central repository for all things related to leasing a BMW.

Please feel free to contribute! This is an ongoing document that relies on crowd sourcing our knowledge and experiences.

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Multiple Security Deposits (MSD) - DISCONTINUED, unless Grandfathered in on East Cost only

With BMW FS, you can reduce your monthly payment by placing multiple security deposits upfront. Unlike a down payment (i.e., a capitalized cost reduction), you get this amount back at lease-end. MSDs work by lowering the money factor (MF) on a lease. MF is essentially the interest rate on a lease; lowering the MF reduces the finance charge you pay.

A security deposit is equal to your monthly payment (including tax) rounded to the nearest $50. A maximum of 7 security deposits are allowed. Each security deposit lowers the money factor by .00007. MSDs can be a good ROI.

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Executive and Demo Cars

Info subject to change, and is relevant as of 2/1/18
Exec/Demo cars can be leased and qualify for lease cash, loyalty + recent grad provided an equivalent new model of the same year has lease support from BMWFS. They do NOT qualify for Corporate fleet, USAA or any OL codes. Mileage under 5k is subject to a residual reduction of $0.25/mile less 500 miles. EX: loaner has 5000 miles. Penalty would be 5000 - 500 miles *.25 = $1,125 residual penalty.

If the loaner has > 5,000 miles, there is a further 4% residual drop in addition to the mileage penalty.

Corporate/Demo loaners would continue to receive the free maintenance plan for 3 years/36k upon lease inception. However, the clock starts on initial in-service date, NOT the date of you beginning the lease. In other words, if you take a 3/36 term 6 months and 5,000 miles after the car was put into demo service, you would receive 30 months/31k miles of coverage.

Expected Discount/Selling Price

[Insert content here: this very generalized information, but discounts vary by location, time, and model. Search for recent transactions. A sedan like the 3-series will likely be discounted more than an SUV, or an all-new model, like 2017 5-series.]

European Delivery

[Insert content here: ED is less advantageous than before, but it’s a great experience and good for those who want to custom order their BMW]

Maintenance and F&I Add-Ons

Excess Wear and Tear
Wheel and Tire Insurance

Historic Money Factor (MF) Data

Unlike most other brands, the money factor for BMW FS leases is the same regardless of model (with rare exceptions).
05/2018: .00166 MF
01/2018: .00152 MF
03/2017: .00140 MF
02/2017: .00134 MF
01/2017: .00134 MF
12/2016: .00134 MF
11/2016: .00136 MF
10/2016: .00136 MF
09/2016: .00136 MF

Build Out/Option Credit
Driving Event

Acquisition Fee and Waiver

The acquisition fee for leases through BMW FS is $925. Dealers can no longer mark it up for additional profit. The acquisition fee can be waived in exchange for a money factor (MF) adder of .00050, which may be more favorable for shorter lease terms.

Disposition Fee

BMW FS charges a disposition fee of $350 for all leases. This fee is waived if you lease or finance a vehicle through BMW FS upon turn in.

BMW Demo Deals - 330i, X1, X2, 530e, X5, 740i and More Updated Daily with More Cars
Latest and Greatest on BMW Leasing

Info for AARP $1500 lease rebate and .0002 MF reduction.


Lots of stories about this not being valid anymore unless membership commenced in Feb…any truth or is this total bull shit?


I’ve asked the dealership to show fine print of the actual email stating that info, none of the dealership was able to provide

I call bs


I felt like that too- I’ve had an email where a paragraph LOOKS like its from an official email bit it is definitely suspect - I have messages sent to AARP on the issue and will let everyone know what I find out (if anything)


Can someone plot historical residuals also for the bimmers?


If you search my name on here should find my spreadsheet for the 3 series at least. On my phone right now so not so easy to find and copy the link



Wowww!! this is niceee buddy!! thanks


Makes you nostalgic for the good old days


Hi guys I am working on my third BMW lease since November of 2016. The first was for me (328i), second for my dad (528i), and now my mom wants one (probably 3 Series). Thanks to all the help from everyone here I have been able to secure some pretty sweet deals. Unfortunately I am now the go to when someone in my family wants a car.

My question is this, it is my understand MSDs are gone, so is BMW Loyalty for current owners, the AARP deals seems up in the air.

I hate being the guy asking such a general question but at this point is there anything else a current BMW owner who is not part of the BMW Car Club and cannot get a fleet discount has access to as a discount? I saw a couple people post about a $1,500 loyalty credit but couldn’t get any info on it. I can usually figure these things out myself but I am having trouble, possibly because there are not any.

Anyway feedback is very much appreciated.


my current 535i is at 68% residual!! gone are those days eh!!


Yeah its tough.
I was at my BMW dealer 3 times and there just weren’t any viable incentives.
My dealership was offering some dealer cash to keep me as a customer, but even with that we couldn’t make it work.

At that time I was told there was the military and recent grad available, which I believe are still active.
Did you happen to get the BMW credit card?


Thanks for letting me know. I do not have the BMW Credit Card, I will go look up what the offer is, might worth getting.



Do they have incentives on the credit card?


Its just a points card.
I dont know if the program changed recently, but you earn points on your purchases you could put towards BMW maintenance, loans or leases.
Up to 5k if I remember correctly.

Its not the best rewards card, so I never went for it, but if someone had been using it a while its good for an extra discount.


I’ve noticed BMW incentives and rebates are regional.

If I live in NY, for example, and the lease incentive on a 3’er is $1,000, but I get the car from a dealer in CA, where the incentive is $2,000, which one would apply to me (assuming the transaction and registration of car is in NY)?


If any bmw dealer can help with European delivery, please send me a note


You might want to tag them in your reply, or PM them directly…I’m not sure the BMW dealers here read this wiki


Can anyone please share the current MF and Residual value BMW X4 xDrive 28i?