BMW Wear And Tear Protection for $2000

I signed up yesterday (when I got my lease) for BMW wear and tear for $2000 (covers up to $5000)

But today I feel horrible about it, especially when I saw you guys talking about how wear and tear protection should not be expensive

Any ideas what can I do ? Can I cancel it ?

I believe you can cancel for a pro rated refund. Can someone else confirm?

Actually I added its value to the monthly payments so I didn’t pay it upfront, can I still get those protection monthly payments back by the end of the lease ?

It doesn’t matter if it’s upfront or rolled in.

Thanks @senwia, btw do you agree with me that it is not worth it?

Of course it’s not worth it.

And why was this posted in Share a Deal? Moved.

Sorry for that I am new here and got it posted here by mistake

Personal decision on value. Me personally it’s not worth it.

For 2k it’s def not worth it. This is prob marked up more than 100%…

It’s a total rip off. You will not have $2k in wear and tear damage. In all,
likelihood, you will have $0 in damage.

Also, usually these only cover instances up to $1k, so the major damage isn’t even covered!