BMW ultimate care


What’s the average BMW ultimate care plans cost, my dealer is offering $3999 & wheel/tire protection for $2600. ( M4 Convertible / NY region) TIA

If you go to the popular BMW forums you’ll find dealers who sell coverage like this for a nominal markup.

I’d start there, instead of trying to figure out how badly others have been gouged in the finance office. :slight_smile:


This is the best way. When I had Hondas there a dealership based in New England that would sell the extended plans for $100 over cost (actually $100 over not a bs line in the finance office).

You can buy the extended service from any dealer. It doesn’t have to be the dealer you buy the vehicle at.

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2600 for how many years? Does it cover cosmetics?

6 years & it covers cosmetic & unlimited tire replacement

Does the price vary by the type of car? @IAC

That seems high on the first one, wheel and tire markup isn’t as bad as it could be @ ~$500 over cost.

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I was just quoted tire & wheel for $2099 plus tax for 3 years, no deductible. BMW NYC.

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I’m assuming not for wear, just tire damage, correct?

People damage tires all the time.

Often near the end of their useful life. :skull:


I see what you did there :joy:

Thank you for the information.

Can these be purchased after the vehicle has already been purchased?

Has to be same day as RDR for protection products.

Warranty and service you can do later.


Dealer was telling me it varies from car to car. Mine is for M4

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