BMW UDE Metlife May 2021

Great day, awesome time on the autocross with the M440is (the snout is indeed a lot less offensive in dark colors), and some lovely individual X5’s (Ruby Red & Zanzibar). There’s an iX in a tent, but you have to give up all electronics to enter that area. Interior looks awesome in real life - can’t wait!


And for anyone on edge with all the recent changes, they’re still following reasonable Covid protocols.


Sweet. I’m going there on Wednesday.

was that M3 a part of street drives, or M car control clinic?

oooh, now you’re making me excited! Too bad I won’t be able to buy one…


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M Car Control Clinic; gosh I wish it were for street drives. The usual suspects for the street drives, plus some 4 series verts. Nothing crazy special, but the X5M50i and the 850 vert were a hoot to push around the Meadowlands’ windy roads.

It’s definitely something. Interior looks really nice (especially the seats) and it had this 🫒 olive branch embossed on the dash leather, apparently signifying some natural dyes they’re using on it all vs. chemical treatment. Solid attention to detail from the looks of it.

The rep started talking about L2 vs. L3 and then quickly and abruptly backed off when I asked him to compare it to the current Driver Assist Professional, beyond acknowledging it was of course beyond the ETJA capabilities.

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Unfortunately I can’t make it there this year. Anyone have a promo code they wouldn’t t mind sharing? Pls PM me. Thank you

If they have the same terms as last year (pasted below), I unfortunately don’t think they’re transferable but in the random event that it’s changed this year, you can have one of mine since I’m doing a few UDEs.


*$1,000 offer valid on eligible new model year 2020 and 2021 vehicles in dealer stock delivered and retailed through January 4, 2021. MINI vehicles and BMW Pre-Owned/CPO vehicles do not qualify. This offer cannot be used for previously ordered or previously delivered vehicles and is only valid on delivery of in-stock vehicles. Offer valid to customers – and their family members residing within the same household, attending the 2020 UDE Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park event and registering on site. Offer valid on final negotiated price and may be combined with other applicable BMW offers that are available at the time of purchase. Only one OL number per vehicle may be used. Offer valid towards purchase price of eligible vehicle. Only valid at participating dealers.

UDE is not transferrable. Also keep in mind if your deal is too good to begin with, dealer will only honor $500 of the $1K OL code…
$500 comes from BMW NA & $500 is dealer contribution.
Dealer’s don’t participate in the $500 dealer contribution on pre negotiated deals afaik.


Good insight. Thx

I was there today at 11am with both my kids. Signed in, we took a 4 series vert out and We left.

Was there mainly to get an OL code


So as long as we do a street drive, we get the code?

did you see me? i was parked behind that x5m.

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The i8 with Jersey plates? If so, I spent a solid 5 mins gawking at it. :joy: What a gorgeous car…

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yeah the sophisto gray. last car parked in the row behind the x5m lol

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I was there yesterday too! I was actually really impressed with the whole thing.

I did go mainly for the OL code, as I am taking delivery of my M440i next week…. However, now reading the fine print, it says not valid on pre-ordered vehicles, and only available for vehicles in stock….

Mine is already ordered, and wasn’t in stock lol. Think there will be an issue?

Doesn’t matter what you do there really, whether it’s the X Cross, street drives etc. You check in at inception, then they ask you what you’re there for. I signed up for the 11:30am X Cross, but I had my kids with me so I wasn’t really interested in crossing the 440 anyway, plus they don’t allow kids to do it, so I skipped it entirely and just did the street drives.

Lapped a 4 series vert around MetLife Stadium. Pulled in to one of the open parking lots in the back and did some donuts in it. The kids thought it was a hoot.

Was literally there for maybe 30 min and left .

Again, was just there mainly for an OL code. Was on the way to a BBQ too so it worked out perfectly for alittle pit stop .


Only one way to find out! Print the email now and bring it in personally. See what they say.

The only wah to find out is be reaching out directly to your dealer. Many of them don’t eve cceot this OL code stuff regardless of if it’s a preorder or in stock car. I reckon your paper work and contract is not done so idk what stopping them from even using the code if they wish to.

just went on Monday. got to do the M440i autocross along with street drives for 3 convertibles (440, 430 and M850)

I had only driven a convertible once in my lifetime so it was awesome

Does anyone have experience rescheduling a time slot at these events?

Had to go away on an unexpected business trip my flight gets back after my time slot. I would like to be able to push it back to later in the day.

Based on my experiences from previous events I don’t think there’s who to call on the event side. Just wondering if anyone has tried or had luck with rescheduling.