Bmw SUV X1 X3 doable?


I’m looking at the x1 and x3. Are either of these models doable for a good lease deal? Not sure if dealers are willing to push units out. Ideally I’m looking for a payment under 480 a month 0 down tax included.

If you split it right in the middle, an X2 is very doable…


I could do an X2. Are they not selling well?

There is a 3k lease incentive on it, the highest of any BMW model…

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Yep, not well at all. If you aren’t a tall dude the x2 is a hoot. Just did an overnight test drive on one.

You might be able to get a base 2018 X3 for that amount, especially if it’s an ex-loaner. Might depend on your state and taxes.

Def not for tall dudes. Had one as a loaner. Banged my head the first three times I got in the damn thing.

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Thanks! I appreciate it.

I see. Yeah I’m not very tall so may work for me. Any idea how much you’re pushing for off msrp before incentives?

On the xdrive, depending on your region have up to $4250-4500 in total rebates since you’d qualify for loyalty.

I already have a fairly basic loaner down to $400/m with a local dealer, it’s an sdrive. Pushing for 20% off before incentives on a higher mileage loaner. On new cars fairly easy to get 10-15%.

There are a few good advertised loaner deals on the X2 with the brokers on the forums here. Check the marketplace posts.

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How is anyone supposed to know what your tax rate is?

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As others suggest, X2 seems the better lease option. Surprisingly, I’ve had a tough time getting much below $500 with zero drive off, but for a $42k MSRP, that’s not too bad, especially when considering MD sales tax on full sales price doesn’t help.

The X1 is comfortable, the X2 is sporty. Depends on your preference. Wife and I have been going back and forth. Although, I will say that I’m 6 ft and had no problems with head room.

Makes sense to me. I like both the X1 and X2 looks wise. Did you think the X1 was roomier inside?

I had an X2 loaner recently, had M sports package, terribly bumpy ride and uncomfortable seat position. I suggest you test drive one before considering it further. I was fine with head room though and I’m tall.