BMW supply/demand issue with dealers?

I ended up contacting 2 BMW dealers near me regarding an X7 lease. In my inquiry I mentioned what percentage MSRP I wanted off before all incentives were applied as per normal protocol. In both cases I got a call back saying that they will not be offering a dime below MSRP due to supply/demand. Additionally was notified that it is expected that next month, incentives would be taken off as well.

So then I take it this is going to be the case for a lot of dealers or are the ones near me the exception? Trying to gauge whether I should continue hunting for a deal or if I’m wasting my time.


EDIT: Edited the part where I mistakenly generalized my question to ALL dealers.

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Have you searched on here and seen any BMW offers below MSRP? If so, then it obviously isn’t going to the case for ALL dealers.

Two locals dealers are definitely not representative of all dealers. Even with the most limited research on here, you could see that that model is often aggressively discounted. In my opinion, any dealer that says they are not offering a dime off is one that you should stay away from, and definitely expand your search. Alternatively, you can reach out to the brokers on here to help you.

EDIT: What discount were you asking for? Could be that your # was too unrealistic for the dealer to waste their time. I’ve had that happen more than once.

Thanks for the response. I was asking for 15%. High, yes. I just didn’t expect them to say they’re not offering any amount off of MSRP in general. Was expecting a counter offer at the very least. As you said, maybe my offer was too radical. Unsure.

Brokers on here have new ones at 12-13% off, and those are at select dealers which they have built relationships with. Most dealers are not hitting those numbers on new units under these market conditions.

If you want to work on a deal on your own, your best bet is to reach out to the dealers who still have decent inventory and ask them for their offer before giving them yours. Based on their responses, you can gauge whether your target will be feasible with them.

I had no luck with the m340i at a few dealers local (~3% MSRP new, 3% even on a ‘used’ at another), etc. Only one said S&D as the reason they wouldn’t discount much.

Did you try different sales contacts? I’ve had a few cases where the first person I chatted with refused to do much of anything, the next was more than willing to make a deal…

Where are you located? How many X7s did the dealers you contacted have on their lot? How long have the cars been on the lot?

That is not going to happen. Have you looked at some of the broker deals to see what percentage off MSRP is attainable?

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I’m in michigan. One had 3 on the lot and the other had 2. I’m unsure how to check how long they’ve been on the lot though honestly.

I have looked at the brokers here and my goal was to start at 15 and expect to compromise downward within the same percentage area that brokers on here list.

Have not tried that but I will keep it in mind, thank you!

Often times if you shoot way too high, rather than meet in the middle, they just politely say “screw you” and hang up. Sounds like possibly what happened here.


Exactly this. People overplay their hand and ask for too big of a discount where it does not make sense to pursue a deal since they come off as unreasonable.


There is a supply/demand issue right now in the central region where some dealers are not even trading cars. You will have better luck with a broker and shipping a car from the East/West Coast than getting a huge discount on a X7.

I disagree that 15% is overplaying the hand, maybe 25% would be, but dealers start out at 3-5% off when they are willing to go down to 10% or more, think 15% is a completely reasonable starting point.

I would look at other dealers / out of state as others have mentioned

It obviously worked so well here.


Been there, done that. I have been shut down on my first pass when my offer was 3% pts lower than an aggressive (but attainable) pre-incentive discount target. Buyers always want a little more off than the next guy - the challenge is how to effectively probe bigger discounts withOUT turning off the dealer. I haven’t figured out the best way to fish in the bigger (than usual) discount waters. I welcome any insights on how to go about being aggressive without getting the door slammed in your face. Thanks in advance.

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Even in the good times, it was always hit or miss. Some dealers chase volume while probably the majority want gross profit per unit.

Covid and supply issues have probably exacerbated this dichotomy massively.

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Who cares that the dealers turned them down, there are 100s of dealers to choose from, move on to the next. Is it better to start at a 5-7% discount and end up overpaying?

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My simple advice would be to ask the dealer for a quote and just ask for the money factor, residual, rebates, and discounts. Then you go for a counter with evidence to support your discount. Also keep in mind not all dealers play the huge discount games and the region plays a factor. My dealer does not go below invoice. The dealer up the road could give you a $1000 below invoice and the manager will tell you to buy it there. So you might have to shop around a lot to get a lease hackr worthy deal.


No, it’s better to go in educated as to what’s possible, and if 12% is the realistic limit, offer 12%. When you cross into unreasonable territory, you’re far more likely to get just shut out then have them try to meet you at the limit.

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I wouldn’t necessarily say it is overplaying the hand however even in normal times w/o supply & demand / covid issues, the dealer also is hedging the bet that someone will come in due to the 4th of July special, take 10% off and be a happy customer.

These two dealers had 5 total between them, that probably is costing close to 0% floorplan at the moment. As a dealer I’d hedge my bet to say it isn’t really worth it to try and bridge the gap with some coming in at 15% off.